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We love to work with companies interested in our available technologies. Please contact us directly whenever a specific technology need arises by calling our office at 662-325-9263 or e-mailing us.

Most University technology is in the early stage of development and successful commercialization requires a reasonable development effort to bring the products to market. In some cases this is best done with a start-up company whose primary goal is to develop the embryonic technology. In other cases, more established companies are best able to commercialize the technology.

Our standard License Agreement for established companies provides exclusive or non-exclusive commercial rights in exchange for an up-front fee, reimbursement of patent costs, and a royalty on sales. In some cases, a Non Disclosure Agreement or Material Transfer Agreement may be necessary to provide sufficient information for the company to evaluate the technology. If a longer time is required, an Option Agreement may be necessary.  All forms can be found on the Industry Forms page.

For start-up companies, a small equity stake may be taken in lieu of the up front-fees. Details are provided in the section Entrepreneurs


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